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Private tracks management and one library for multiple artists#25


Hi, I have created a new user account (11278007) but (my apologies) I haven’t understood some things:

1) I’d like to import into the library my private tracks from Soundcloud, the purpose is to get read of the “noise” of the standard SC gui but keeping managing the access to my music on the base of an invitation. Is it possible? I can see a test track imported in my composerly’s library but this does not appear in the front-end if I login as an external user with password, what I’m doing wrong ? PS: on SC the track is private but On Composerly I’ve set it up as public then rebuilt the cache but still no luck!

2) I’d like to understand if it’d be possible to create a library that may contain music that comes from multiple SC accounts bound to the library, so that I could act like a kind of repository for different artists. Is that possible ? can you consider to add the feature?
Thanks for your kind support.
Best Regards

2 years ago

@Rattala Hey! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to Settings > Content/Behavior
  2. Select the playlists you’d like to include in your library
  3. Choose “Show Private Tracks” in the Options section
  4. Click Save

Your Composerly library cache should automatically update. This can take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the size of your libary. You should now see your playlists and private tracks in your Composerly library.

Check out the attached screencast. Give it a shot and let me know if that works. If you have any more problems, post here or send an email to

Regarding multi-account libraries: A few users have requested this. I’ve avoided it up until now because the SoundCloud API terms specifically don’t allow it.

Apps are not permitted to store Personal Data or User Content from multiple users in a single account. Each user must be able to authenticate and upload User Content from his/her own account.

I think that they are just trying to police sites where a ton of SC accounts are streamed illegally. It’s possible that they’d make an exception for Composerly. I’ll reach out to SoundCloud.

2 years ago

Hi Alex, it worked fine the point 1, I had to wait a little bit more than expected in order to view my test playlist, just this. About point 2 I can understand their concerns, they should create some stronger mechanism to identify a credible subject behind a service instead of a “bad guy”… :-) many thanks for your support, kind regards.

2 years ago

@Rattala I finally heard back from SoundCloud regarding the multiple SC users’ content on a single account. Sadly, they said no. Oh well. That would have been cool. Thanks for asking.

2 years ago